CSU Industries, Inc. is one of the fastest growing providers of Hewlett-Packard UNIX, Linux and NT servers, storage, support and solutions.

Every company seeks a strategic partner they can trust to keep their operations up and running. By highlighting dramatic case histories, CSU’s new ad campaign proves that the relationship many prominent US companies have with CSU goes beyond trust. CSU’s clients are fans. It’s a higher level of trust, and a unique positioning for CSU. The ad campaign carries the selling line: At CSU, we don’t have clients, we have fans.

The “war stories” (case histories) were first featured in a trade ad for HP World. They were a prominent part of the huge trade show booth designed by John Malinowski for the HP World show in Atlanta last year. The concept was easily translated into radio commercials that ran in major markets, including New York. And, the very same war stories are the centerpiece of CSU’s web site — www.csuindustries.com.

Avram Weissman, CSU’s VP of Sales & marketing, attributes the new image to the success of their recent new business efforts. “There’s no doubt that we are more effectively communicating exactly what makes us better than other companies who sell and service HP Unix servers, said Weissman. After 3 impressive account wins, I can say that we are enjoying the fruits of our labor.”

CSU is headquartered in Long island, New York, with offices around the country.