Television Commercials

DIME Savings Bank - "Invisible" TV Consumer & Small Business campaign

DIME Savings Bank - "Started Here" TV Consumer & Small Business campaign.

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Howard Johnson - "Out of the Book" TV campaign.

Sports Interactive - "Excitement" Consumer campaign

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Crest - "Name Game" TV commercial
Note: This TV campaign not only launched the product, it launched the entire category.

Crest for Kids - "Gelvis" TV campaign & Sales Film

Cancer Research Institute - "Watch Cancer Die" TV commercial

Marriott Hotels, Resorts and Suites - "How to Have Fun" Sales film

Sara Sanz Dancer

University of Maryland Center for Young Children - Movement Activity

Sinai Special Needs Institute -
Video 2003 "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Video 2004 "Students of SINAI as the Teachers of SINAI"
Video 2005 "It's what we believe"

Innovation Luggage - TV campaign

Lander College for Men - Video

Schieffelin & Somerset Co - Tanqueray Gin "Green" In-flight Video

Norwich Aspirin - "The Little Town Of Norwich" TV commercial

Reel available upon request

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